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Welcome;)I barely update this, but hope you guys will come bak and visit;D





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vickie (cartier); sixteen

birthday; august 8th`91
msn/email; vickie_891@hotmail.com
loves; Show Luo,S.H.E,Lam Fung,Arron Yan,Jolin Tsai.

Sunday, March 23, 2008
just an update;D


Yesterday, March 22nd, was their banquet anniversary;D lol..^_^ We went to dinner,, at Elephant Bar...along with Cousin Suen. mmhmm mmmhm, the food was delicious. I ordered a New York Steak:D along with lava cake. HAHA, yummy. im gonna get fat! lol. my sister ordered teriyaki chicken, my mom ordered salmon, my cousin ordered pork,, and my dad ordered beef strips with shrimps. YUMMY:D lol..we had such a great day. We were singing "happy anniversary" instead of happy bday! lols..

YAH, they took some pics, with the fone...but haha, i dont think u guys wanna see-.-' lols.

Today, woke up hecka early, altho i have break..i still have work ar ma. stupid work...went to work....work work work..stomach ache, stupid ache. grrrr...mann. i need medicine, someone gimme medicine...><" my mom left it at work. great! and she forgot to ask my cousin for some-.-' ANYWAYS, yah, after work, my cousin had to go bak to Fresno..to farm, he sed. LOL. I chat with his Korean friend and Malaysian friend for a while. OMG, his Korean friend from KOREA is an exchange student. She's soo nice:) the Malaysian friend too. I'm gonna miss chatting with you guys! AND cousin, i'll see you in about a month or two=) wen u have ur summer vacation.lucky!! then you're going bak to macau again! ><"

Came home, went online. SHOW TIME, havent done checking a lot lately. HEHE, hes soo cute. afraid of the dentist huh? dont worry lito kid, u'll be fine...or u ARE fine. after all, they pulled ur tooth already didnt they? lol. now be a good boy and get some rest.LOLS, yah we dont wanna see ur swollen face..jk jk. HAHA.. and HE UPDATED HIS BLOG:D awws, that boy misses his daddy again. dont worry, luo ba ba never left=) he's always around.....SERIOUSLY, he is. HAHA.

NOW,, im gettin ready for tmw...;D going out. yay! <3>

11:12 PM

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Consequence of not eating properly: a stomach inflammation.

I've suffered for the past few months, lol, and I finally went to see the Chinese doctor. YO, i got better;D TODAY at least. I really hate the Chinese medicine...but it helped me;D I just hope, I can get better....REAL soon. I really wanna be "normal" again.

I've been so busy these few weeks...finally, I can relax for a bit. I MISS MS. LARSON,PLEASE TELL US THAT U'RE OKAY! ><' My chem teacher..went to the hospital....-.-' I rather be busy now,,, cuz i miss her.

SHOW:P lol, this crazy dude...the consequence of him not sleeping is twisting his ankle..twice...inwards and outwards..AND hurting his wrists. dork. wat a dork. I wonder how he's feeling though...cuz HOT SHOT is still filming..and he had to piggy back Jerry or something...with his injured leg-__-'

MARCH...almost the 9th! daddy's bday;D I love my daddy..hes the best <3

9:25 PM

Monday, February 25, 2008

Life's been killing me. SCHOOL....everything else. (well, I'm like mostly focused on school now). It's terrible.. JUNIOR YR SUCKS. I'm soo not prepared for SATs and everything-.-" I feel like I'm failing and falling behind and omg. I HATE IT. It's soo disgusting. I'm losing my free time, losing my happiness, even losing time to cry and be mad about it. LOL. (I'm totally sneaking right now....to type this blog)

Nothing's really happening in life besides school. YAH...no time for a boyfriend (I'm not even allowed to have one..LOLS) but yah..so I basically had a boring Valentines a few weeks ago....and yah, I'm going bak to 11 days ago. LOL. BUT then, I had fun over the four day weekend, and saw my Chinese School friends again. HEY sorry guys, I like "skipped" class again on Sat..cuz of the rain and stuff. I'll be bak though,, I PROMISE. & NO MS. SHARON LAU, i didnt go look for a boyfriend..not like wat u sed-.-'

THE OTHER & ONLY OTHER THING THAT FILLS UP MY LIFE,, besides SCHOOL & FAMILY & FRIENDS is SHOW-.-" Yah, here I go again. It's so hard not to talk about him, I think I will die if I can't. He's a drug I tell you. lol. BUT HEY,, a year ago, there was Corner With Love....a yr later, he gain so much more fame. I'm soo happy for him;P lol, he had two nights of SOS (short for Show On Stage World Tour 2008) in HK yesterday and the day before that. HEHE, it was a blast. Although he stupidly twisted his ankle RIGHT after the opening on the FIRST day...and it was raining and it was short..and yahh...everything was like "going against him" LMAO. but it turned out fine..more than fine;) POOR GUY,, dont cry anymore,, hate to see you cry...I know that song's REAL good, but really,,dont cry pls!! & yah, we know that he loves us;; but he gotta listen to us. lol...we nag him a lot...but yah, he gotta not only read, but actually take action...dont just be happy about it, kk? LOLS.

YAY;P YI ZHI DU XIU,, && that's you, Show...our shining star:P

7:42 PM

Monday, January 21, 2008

The reason why I haven't been posting much...is cuz of finals. but FINALS are over..and then...I had a day of break..basically doing nothing...and then Saturday.

never wrote so many notes before...& stayed up so late for school-__-"thanks to Show's CD and food..I survived!

Saturdays are usually crazy for me..but these lately are SUPER crazy. EAOP (SAT) class @ Berkeley at 9am...then at 1:07pm (class is over at 1pm)...i took bart to SF. @ 1:55pm.... I finally got bak to Chinese school. missed a half hr of class. Sat there to learn more Chinese..and then class ended at 4:30pm. Waited for dad to pick me up....came home around 5-ish, something 6. Ate dinner...and do homework/go online.

SUNDAY....woke up at 9am. Took a shower..(i love morning & night showers)...and then ate. Went to work..came home at 3:30 something..and went to watch Bull Fighting. homework, homework, homework. photoshop and chat. ate dinner. watch some random clips. and then read Show news. Stayed at his forums for about 2 hrs or so....found more series and stuff to watch.....slept at 2:00am.

TODAY..im doing nothing..thanks to the rain-.-' but HEY, i get to chat with Cari and Kit. LOL. Danson love...LMAO

HEY! I want a hug TOO! HUMPH*

Made icons yesterday;D

1:43 PM

Sunday, January 06, 2008
The end of break

Today's the last day of my winter break><" and I ended it..with a HEADACHE. how great-.-" I had a wonderful break..although it was boring..but I liked how I could stay up 'til 2am and wake up at like 11am! LOL.SIGH* its all over now!

This morning, I woke up quite early, cuz I had work. So yah, I chat with Cari online for a while..thanks for the icons;) YUP YUP..pretty Arron and Show icons. Then had work. SUPER tired..SUPER dead. gosh, my eyes couldn't open-.-" how i wish i had more time to sleep. LOLS...like Show mentioned in BFB....I would count how many hours of sleep I can get...yet like still won't go to sleep...HAHAHA...and regret the next day=.=" Came home..watched BULL FIGHTING...GOSH, soo good..and then They Kiss Again....good stuff. Updated myself with Show...lots to watch. LOL, the Hot Spring event's AWESOME. He should come over to US and do it. LOL..I'll go for sure. Then yahh..I went out to dinner....headache....pain attacked me><" came back and had a chat with SanSan, Eileen, Mandy, Cari, etc.=)

I'm JEALOUS of those fans...so lucky! LOLs...
Packing for school now...><" how terrible. SCHOOL...that word doesn't sound nice. BUT YAH, it's kinda good that Show's out (tho I'll miss him) but he's out of Taiwan right now..meaning, hahha I have more time to focus in school (prepare myself for midterms) lol..When he's in HK, I'll be having midterms.

Needa get some rest! Sleeping now. BYES;)

9:32 PM

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

OMG, almost time for school again. i'm soo not prepared...all the hwk i have left..im soo sick of it><" tired and everything.. slept at 2 yesterday, woke up at 1030 today. suffered from a headache..boyy-.-' crazy...watched BFB..woots!
First LIVE ep;D I didn't get the finish it all yet,, but yahh,, it's CUTE. and poor Xiao Gui...although I have to admit, it was quite disgusting to hear it and stuff like that . LOL. I'm in love with that dog...BABU:D it's SOOO cute!
LOOKIE,,, Show's telling him to sit. LOL....it's not Show's dog...it's Xiao Shuang's (Show's manager)..lol...but Babu listens to Show..(sometimes)

My childhood drink. I didnt take this pic..I just looked it up. Anyways, I had that drink again today!! SOO YUMMY! i missed it soo much <3 I remembered that my gung gung would buy these for me. HAHAHA, yummy stuff.

I went to "drink tea" today..haha, they were playing lots of TVB MVs. I saw Joey Yung's ft. RON NG. and then I saw RAYMOND LAM's. and I saw Jason Chan's. HEHE, happy ;D I ate a lot today. OH, at the place, I saw the Mahjong lady....this person that's Jennifer's parents' friend that I played MJ with during those summer days. LOLS. FUN!


11:07 PM

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
HAPPY 2008=]

HAPPY 2008=]

(I finally got the album^_^)
FINALLY, 2008 is HERE! omg, a brand new start. You don't know how happy I am! HEHEHE. THANKS EVERYONE FOR MAKING VICKIES 07 COLORFUL;D

Thank you to God
Thank you to all my family members
Thank you to three golden flowers:D
Thank you to all my Show Luo family members
Thank you to all my friends
Thank you to all my online buddies
Thank you to all my Fung buddies
Thank you to all my FLH buddies
Thank you to Raymond Lam
Thank you to SHOW LUO

First 08 Show pic that I saved

P.S. Grandpa, I love you=]

12:00 AM